The first thing I have noticed about writing in a notebook, with specific headings as a guide, is the focus it has given me.  For the last  few days I have put this idea of a \”I love living\” journal into my morning routine (instead of reading the newspaper) and have found it is helping me. Once I get through the procrastinating thoughts, “go on, read the newspaper you need to be the first to found out what’s happening in the world (like now)” and “Meditation! Not today. You need to get on with your day, you havent got time for that”, I take action anyway and experience a change;

  • I have increased my meditation space from 5 mins to 10mins as I find I need 5 mins to settle in.
  • My action list has helped me commit to writing the journal and to sit down and meditate as they are both feature on the list.
  • I have contacted a company that can help with my work ( I am a singer) I have a meeting with them next Thursday. Contacting them was written down as one thing that will challenge me and take me out of my ‘comfort zone’. I have put off contacting this company for over a year, fearing they may say “No” and  the opposite happened – They were delighted to hear from me.

I found this article by Jonathan Mead of

under Practice makes the master; Jonathan says “start small and don’t let your fear of failure or self doubt stop you taking action”

Changing for the better…